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Every artist, creator, brand, business and / or organization needs compelling video content to stand out in the world.


Record an album, podcast, radio show, or anything else in pristine quality. Marry your audio to your compelling video.

What You Need to Know

Corporate video production is far more than simply pointing a camera! Crafting the message and employing state of the art production techniques for maximum impact, brings the desired result. Years of experience have given us this insight that we are only too willing to share with you so that your message can be optimized to achieve the best result possible.

3D Animation

3D Animation is an excellent visualization tool to illustrate concepts, processes, and environments most notably architecture. It brings the virtual into the real world and is an integral step in enhancing understanding.

Purpose: This video was successfully used for investor relations, venture capital, educating financial markets on the scope of the project.

Safety / Training

Both safety/training videos are focused internally. The objectives are clearly defined, that is perfectly suited to the level of understanding of the target audience. Finally, there is the question of style. After a complete consultative process, we will propose the road map to achieve the desired result.

Safety on a drilling site cannot be overstated. It is an inherently dangerous environment. This video echoes management sentiment on how they view drilling site safety.

Marketing / Promotion

Consulting with the client, we will help flush out the nuances associated with the product or service to be marketed. Understanding the target audience, the script and storyboard can then maximize impact. Presentation style touches the emotions, which, in many cases, determines the level of receptivity of the target audience.

The general public is mostly unaware of how our electrical market works. This video was designed to educate and promote the company for end users.

Promo / Teaser

This short, impactful, hard-hitting piece was designed primarily as a recruitment tool to attract livestock photographers. It seeks to portray the excitement and diversity inherent in the industry.


This is an extended piece showing a more in-depth look at the life of a live stock photographer. The documentary style lends itself to this informative presentation.


Testimonials are a tried and true way of conveying how customers really feel about your business. They speak to the heart as your potential customers can readily identify with those who have similar concerns.

They generally speak for themselves. The challenge is to convey a nuanced message that adds insight to how the company conducts business.

Music Videos

Music videos are a popular way to add that extra layer and visual magic to make your song come alive.

About the song: “Standin’ on the Doorstep of Love” was recorded in two locations: California and Albeta. The purpose was to promote the music and the artist through visual media.


The documentary format is ideal for investigative reporting or shedding light on any given issue. It requires a significant degree of pre-planning, budgeting, and production.


RAISING HEALTHY KIDS IN A JUNK FOOD WORLD. This documentary investigates the importance of proper nutrition for children in learning. Both the challenges and possible solutions are explored.

Venture Capital

Often, corporations are looking for seed capital to assist them in a new project. The challenge is to reduce the message to the level that can be understood by the target audience. Animation is an excellent tool to explain the “how of things.”

The financial aspect, i.e., capital targets, share value, return on investment (ROI) etc. and how it will benefit the investor is critical. Careful consideration of all the elements results in a storyboard/script that will satisfy the stated objectives.

Note: we are not able to show venture capital related content due to the sensitive nature of the web.



Interactive presentations in public venues such as trade shows, exhibits etc. are an effective communications tool. The key element is time. In high traffic areas, short effective messages are key. Interactivity is a great way to keep the audience engaged.

Note: we are not able to show interactive content due to the sensitive nature of the web.


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