Video Consultation & Design in Calgary, Alberta

Corporate Video Production Services in Calgary, AB

L & L Production Group offers video consultation & design services around Calgary, AB. Whether you are looking for a promotional, marketing, venture capital, training or safety presentation, you have come to the right place. We place a high value on consultation so that we can fully understand your communication needs. We can then go to work to produce a communication vehicle that will achieve the objective in style.

L&L Production Group is headed by lead writer/producer Lewis Levin. After obtaining a Broadcasting degree from Mount Royal, Lewis went to work as a producer for CFAC Television in Calgary. That experience proved the spring board for the beginning of L&L Production Group where Lewis is actively involved in directing the company’s affairs. Below is a brief overview of our different types of videos. Browse through the descriptions at your leisure, or contact Lewis today to learn further information at 403-615-1839.

Safety & Training

Both safety and training videos are focused internally. The objectives are clearly defined, that is, the information to be conveyed is perfectly suited to the level of understanding of the target audience. Finally, there is the question of style, or how this information is to be presented. After a complete consultative process, we will propose the road map to achieve the desired result.


Very often, corporations have an idea of what they want to get across, but it is not yet fully articulated. Consulting with the client, we will help flush out all of the nuances associated with the product or service to be marketed. Once again, we go to great lengths to understand the target audience and their understanding so that a script and storyboard can be created to maximize impact. The approach, of course, is another key component. Presentation style touches the emotions, which, in many cases determines the level of receptivity of the target audience.

Venture Capital

Often, corporations are looking for seed capital to assist them in a new project. Here, the full story needs to be expressed simply and elegantly. The challenge here is that quite often, corporate executives have difficulty reducing the message to the level that can be understood by the target audience. Animation is an excellent tool to explain the “how of things”. The financial aspect, i.e. capital targets, share value, return on investment (ROI) etc. and how it will benefit the investor, is often an important aspect of the overall communication. Once again, after careful consideration of all the elements, we create a storyboard and script that will satisfy the stated objectives.